We are Hillstone Environmental

We design, own and operate water pipeline systems in a number of different terrains, climates and geographies.

Water Management

Water Management 2

Hillstone Environmental has the experience, expertise and financial wherewithal to be your water management partner through all stages of the water lifecycle. Our services include:

  • Source water identification, testing and qualification
  • Management of bidding, selection and oversight of transfer companies
  • Trucking logistics and oversight
  • Invoice approval
  • Flowback recycling
  • One stop for high TSS waters rejected elsewhere
  • Reduction of trucking through logistics management
  • Elimination of trucking through buried production water pipelines
  • Technology evaluation, selection and operation for treat to discharge


Water operations are a highly orchestrated campaign to deliver large amounts of water, which enable the frac, and then to manage flowback and produced water volumes. Effective water management drives down well completion costs.

Costs associated with produced water are a large component of the P&L. We see this as a significant opportunity to implement practices and technologies to reduce costs.