We are Hillstone Environmental

We service projects in any shale basin and can handle all types of waste and water management projects

Waste Services

Hillstone Environmental offers waste services as part of our suite of solutions. We manage projects in any shale basin and can handle all types of waste challenges. We examine and modify existing processes to identify areas which can be improved to maximize efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate liability. We have the oilfield experience to properly sample waste — ensuring results are representative of the process. Our experts minimize waste volumes, monitor NORM levels and responsibly profile waste into the proper facilities. We deliver beneficial reuse options for all aqueous and oil-based influents where possible.

The regulatory landscape evolves over time and varies by state.  One of our top priorities is to help our clients ensure and document regulatory compliance. This typically includes the collection of representative samples from various waste streams and managing them through the laboratory to ensure timely analysis of the required analyte list. With data in hand, we will work with a consortium of facilities to deliver the most cost-effective options for disposal.

Often times TENORM is a misunderstood component of oil and gas waste streams. Our experts can work with you to identify TENORM levels and establish safety plans and work procedures. Our experience with water recycling and dealing with treatment sludge has taught us how to put TENORM where you want it and keep it from going where you don’t. When taken as a whole, our waste services help our clients to ensure timely, legally defensible and cost effective solutions