We are Hillstone Environmental

We are an innovative and creative business leader in the water management industry.

Core Operations

Hillstone Environmental is an innovative and creative business leader in the water management industry. Our core operation is to maximize the profitability of our clients’ business through our water management solutions. Our track record of developing highly successful, state-of-the-art water management systems has even won us a Northeast 2015 Oil & Gas Award for New Technology Development of the Year.

Environmentally Friendly Operations for Oil & Gas

The Shale Revolution was possible because of the combination of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. U.S. onshore shale development is a hugely disruptive technology because it is relatively inexpensive, rapidly deployable and in close proximity to demand centers. Along with this incredible opportunity comes an important responsibility to keep our communities safe and our environment clean.

We enable operators to achieve safety goals and mitigate environmental impacts through the application of our technology. Our fixed water pipelines reduce truck traffic and minimize environmental impact. Our water treatment services lessen the demand for both fresh water and injection through recycling on pad, near field or at one of our centralized water treatment facilities. Through partnering with our clients’ water departments we are able to strategically locate our operations to minimize trucking to the extent possible. Our consultants, enabled with our logistics technology, can ensure that trucks are staying on appropriate routes, adhering to curfew hours and operating in a safe manner. Our waste services sample waste streams, evaluate potential solutions through lab, and field scale pilots. The waste is then profiled into the most cost-effective facility. Our belief is that water is too precious a resource to be left entrained in drill cuttings and trucked to a landfill.

Your Water Management Partner

We have the knowledge that only experience can teach, and the experience needed to inspire unique solutions to persistent problems. Our ShaleApps™ software can track water in real time and support cost-effective decisions involving the analysis of water types, fluid movement and more. Our core operations incorporate years of successful water management campaigns. Our goal is to help you reduce both well completion and production costs by simplifying and streamlining your water equation.