We are Hillstone Environmental

The depth, strength, and flexibility to provide water management solutions now and in the future.


Hillstone Environmental is a leader in water management solutions, providing research and oversight needed to improve your operation. Our experience spans over hundreds of wells and we have helped our partners save countless hours, headaches, and dollars thanks to our innovative strategies. Our counsel includes:

  • Helping you understand the full nature of the operations at hand and minimizing externalities
  • Conduct operations in accordance within all government regulations, safety standards, and environmental requirements
  • Understand the day-to-day-activities, reports, vendor evaluations, and cost calculations
  • Delivering the best water solution for any situation
  • Reducing truck trips through effective oversight, timely communications and informed decision making
  • Maximizing water assets to save costs at the frac
  • Bringing to bear the appropriate technology to reduce costs associated with waste disposal
  • Identifying and rejecting inaccurate vendor invoices

We integrate with our client’s operation, acting as a force multiplier to maximize efficiency and drive down vendor costs.

Our experts are available 24/7 and our field experience gives us the ability to troubleshoot on the fly, keeping minor concerns from becoming major problems.

We understand water and how to cost effectively manage it — whether your goals are disposal, recycle or treatment to discharge. Together we will select the appropriate management technique and our operators will deliver on time within specification.