Case Study

Hillstone Environmental delivers value through bringing the proper technology to bear and executing the process with attention to detail, outcomes and costs. These case studies showcase our innovative approach to problem solving.  In each case study we define the scope of the problem, discuss our approach to resolution and define the value that we were able to deliver.


Case Study Waste Dewatering


Case Study Off Spec Oil


Chemical precipitation outperforms filtration in flowback and produced water recycling operations


Case Study Treatability Testing

 Better Outcomes From Our Scientific Approach

Effective problem solving requires that we first start with accurately framing the issue.  To do this we work with our clients to understand if the driver is regulatory, economic, temporal, spatial, materials based, chemical or some blend of multiple components.  Once a solution is identified and proven at the bench scale we ramp up to production size all under the framework of our robust quality program.  Results are benchmarked against baseline and prior state outcomes to demonstrate delivered value.